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  • Alan H Alan H Apr 15, 2013 21:23 Flag

    This Manchester United Board

    Used to be one of the best on here, probably the best, but boy has it sunk into free-fall. Schoolboy banter now is the best way I can describe it---gone is the constructive chat regarding your famous club, to be replaced by absolute shyte. Never mind, I'm just passing through---congrats to the club though on another great Premier season.
    H---Monkey hanger going down.

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    • Yes I agree Alan and this free-fall into puerile, schoolboy drivel has been conducted by none other than a person who goes by a number of ids Ian Harris... #$%$, squealing and tantrums at any comments he chooses. As for the title we have it in the bag - no waiting till the last minute of the last game like last seosn. UNITED!!!

    • There are several reasons why this board has become what it is:

      1) The new board format does not help; following a particular thread is difficult; there seems no way to go straight to the latest reply; ignore user has gone so you have to plough through all the rubbish posts, etc. Of course, this might be me not understanding how to use the board ...
      2) The ABUs have come out in force and have swamped the board with their stupid posts. You really have to question some of them like Geordie Girl with her numerous IDs; she's been on the board for over 7 years and has yet to post anything that doesn't contain abuse. She even admits to being childish! Then there's the deluded redevildetester who seems to live in another world and actually thinks he posts something worthy of debate.
      3) There are several clones, for example, Eric Cantona and Wise Son, which doesn't help, even if they are easy to spot.
      4) People respond to ABUs. Don't; just ignore them then perhaps they'll go away; unlikely but worth a try.

    • Stopped off for a pint on way back from the airport, posh cafe bar. Saw the real Eric Cantona sat with Beckham and Wayne Rooney. Eric's temper was obviously reaching boiling point because he was getting no encouraging response from the other two when pointing down to French--English translation books.

    • Hi Alan, I'm what they ( Utd Fans on here ) call an Abu, and I admit that I do go over the top on some of my posts. But when you try to discuss the game you are told were to "GO" in no uncertain terms.
      If they want I will enter into constructive discussion on football no problem, Its a topic I enjoy discussing with any football fan , no matter what club they might support. lets hope that this post encourages some worthy discussions, I'm up for it .