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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 19, 2013 20:52 Flag

    This Manchester United Board


    "Seven years, tens of thousands of posts, all exactly the same, ridiculed from pillow to post, shown up, shot down, mostly ignored"

    LMFAO - oh Botchy you old fruit, you're so full of it.

    Face it, you simply hate the fact that you've never been able to cyberbully me like you've done with so many others on this board, I've always laughed at you, ridiculed you, humiliated you and OWNED you many many times and I always have the last laugh.

    So, when are the FBI coming to get me like you claimed several times?

    You're nothing and nobody, you're just an old windbag living in Oz running his fingers off from behind the safety of a keyboard who has been driven nuts by a geordie.

    Chinned Lee Bowyer lately? - PMSL

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