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  • Now Wise Son thinks he's Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager with his Vulcan logic. LMFAO

    I've noticed you do seem to have great difficulty grasping most things other than that willy that dangles from your forehead.

    You amuse me, really you do!

    Well, at least Webb won't be giving Man U a hand with their results in their last few fixtures like he'd done time and time again earlier in the season and the previous past seasons.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Tuvok? Wow, your nerd cred really went up with that reference. Voyager instead of Spock shows you're a real Trekkie. I'm more of B5 viewer, myself.

      Also, the constant ABU insistence that every refereeing decision in United's favour is evidence of some massive conspiracy amuses me no end. With Webb gone, it just means you'll have to transfer your obsession to another ref. Who do you have in mind?