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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 17, 2013 23:10 Flag

    Man U needed an offside goal to hold Hammers

    On the subject of 'cheating', isn't it strange that Man U are the only team in the whole of the football leagues that don't have a single penalty awarded against them this season? How can a team go through the season without conceding a penalty? just doesn't add up.

    I watched Sam Allardyce in his post-match interview and feel sorry for him for been robbed of a great win. It's sad that his team were robbed of a deserved win that would have ensured their league survival this season, while Man U continue to get away with dodgy decisions in their favour.

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    • "How can a team go through the season without conceding a penalty? just doesn't add up."

      a) The season isn't over;
      b) Why doesn't it add up? What are the points at which those penalties should have been awarded?

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      • "Why doesn't it add up? "

        I tell you why young 'un.

        City have the best defence in the league, and even City have had penalties awarded against them this season.

        How can a team with 3rd rate defence that makes Arsenal's shambolic defending in most games this season look like world class defending NOT concede a single penalty? After all, Arsenal's defence is better than Man U's according to the best defence table as we've conceded a fewer goals in comparison.

        Additionally, Man U had their best defensive line-up (Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra) in midweek's match against a midtable Hammers side and still shipped TWO goals. Now explain to the forum why they haven't had a penalty awarded against them when all other teams have had penalties against the season, unWisey?

        Please don't tell us that all those shirt-pulling and grabbing other teams attackers by waist in a sumo-like fashion most especially commited by Vidic inside Man U's penalty box don't deserve a penalty award.

        As Allardyce said, "referees favour Man U". "There's no doubt about the difference between Rafael's handball and Jordan Spence's.

        "Spence plays for West Ham and the away team, while Rafael plays for the home side at Old Trafford.

        "With Rafael, the ball hits his hand but no penalty is given. With Jordan Spence, the ball hits his hand and it's a penalty. You see it time and time again at Old Trafford.

        "The ref did not see Rafael's handball because of his position. But he was in a worse position to see Jordan Spence's than Rafael's.""


      • the last 1 was about a month ago against reading. clear push in the box by vidic. vidic even stops to look at the reading player and then just shoves him.

    • "How can a team go through the season without conceding a penalty?" - it's as you say, Slayer. "If the ref says it's a pen then it's a pen", so presumably the opposite applies even in your tiny blinkered world.