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  • Hopefully this post won`t vanish like my last few efforts. Anyway this is my attempt to raise the level of debate on this board.

    Althought everton are still in with a mathematical chance of qualifying for the CL realistically the battle for 3rd and 4th is between the arsenal, chelsea and spurs - my question is which of the 3 would you most like to see miss out and why. Personally my choice would be chelsea because of the way Abramovich runs the club. Its not about the money he brings in to chelsea, so far city`s owners have shown that pumping billions in to a club and treating it like a personal fiefdom doesn`t need to go hand in hand. That`s not the case at chelsea. Manager wins the double but doesn`t achieve the same feat the following season sack him, manager wins the CL but hits a rocky patch early the following season sack him, don` like the ref`s decisions let people from the club attack his reputation and attempt to smear his name and never, ever say sorry to the officials you have smeared - even when one of them takes early retirement because of the threats from your fans that followed the club`s comments.

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