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  • SAF SAF Apr 25, 2013 19:29 Flag

    Another trophy to polish

    Well we done it!!! no squeaky bum this time and aah can smell the Brasso as they open the trophy cabinet and start shining our baubles. Mind you Brasso brings back some memories to me.. aah know a lot of guys who have never recovered from encounters with Brasso.. Back in the shipyards in Glasgae they wud come to work with it in their rucksacks and sip at it on the sly along with the meths. Desperate stuff, but aah cud never get the taste for it – it tastes awful and doesn’t half make yer breath smell and doesn’t do anything fer the teeth. Fortunately I was able to get ontae more refined stuff – but aah can’t help thinking when aah get a whiff when they open the trophy cupboards. When Josee came with Real he brought a couple o’ great bottles fer me and aah heard they cost 200 quid each.. Aah wolfed them down – mind you when aah was drinking it aah made sure that aah had a couple of bottles of 3.99 ASDA vino on hand to ‘share’ with anyone who came to join me at teh table. they were nae gonna get any of this good stuff. Aah HAPPY DAYS! Another title – IT’S IN THE BAG... Wayne tells me this is what he shouts whenever he’s shaggin one o’ these things he meets on his nights out.
    By the Wayne... . Aah heard some talk of some French club coming and taking him off our hands.. if only.. the lads got nae sense at all, won’t listen... Can ye imagine him going to night classes in paris to learn the language???? On the quiet ah spoke with Davie Moyes and asked him to give us 20 million and could have him back....Aah don't think he'd take the risk............................