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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Apr 26, 2013 10:26 Flag

    Central Midfield....

    Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher and Anderson.....

    ...and we won the title with such ease!

    Looking at these players, surely this is the season where something will be done in this area.

    Fletchers career looks as good as over, Scholes will probably retire, and Anderson is almost certainly leaving. Im not going to count Kagawa as Im talking about the two positions deeper.

    So next season its Carrick, Giggs, Cleverley and possibly Powell will be promoted permanently.

    Rooney may have a future there, he doesn't look to have much of one upfront in my opinion, and if we want to get a decent return on him, this is the summer to sell him.

    As superb as Jones is anywhere, I think the penny has dropped with Fergie seeing him at centre back recently. Any transfer rumours regarding CB's has to be treated with contempt!

    So serious investment is clearly needed, ideally two quality central midfielders (surely at least ONE Fergie!), we'll have to wait and see if Fergie gives us any clues to his transfer plans....I have no doubt a couple of attacking players are being lined up!

    We're linked with Dortmunds Bender today, Wanyama, Strootman and Modric's names are still around, who would you like to see come in?

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    • Re your opening sentence, What does that tell us about the PL. Its #$%$ Yes utd won it at a canter, again what does that say about the PL, Can we still say it is the best , I don't think so.

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      • Id like Anderson to stay but expect him to go. Nani too. I think Jones may win the midfield role, Cleverley, Kagawa will push on next season too. Carrick is already established. Id like 2 more, but i think Rooney could play there when required, i think he has all the attributes. So maybe Lewandowski and a midfielder, then a winger and we will be ok. I think the best asset we have is that so many players can play so many positions.

    • I think it's time to offload Nani whilst he's still worth something, unfortunately, SAF clearly doesn't rate him, and seems to forget how good he was after being given an automatic start, something he lost after Young arrived.

      Anderson is another one on the outer for some reason, a better player than Carrick, but his face doesn't fit.

      Cleverly hasn't lived up to the hype either, one more season for him, time to give Powell a go.

      Valencia and Young are average, Zaha might stir things up, but another wide player needed.

      Kagawa should be an automatic choice now, and Rooney moved back until January, then, if it doesn't work, sell him.

      As good as RVP has been, Hernandez still easily outscores him on a goal per minute basis, he should be given more games before he ups and leaves.

      Welbeck needs to find a niche, on the wing maybe, he's not scoring enough to be a striker, but has a very good work rate.

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      • I said a couple years back, wait until Danny is about 23, then we'll start to see what he's capable of. Well we've started to see glimpses, for England obviously, but then anyone can look good amongst that pile of vomit. Against Madrid we saw him tear them to pieces, and although he's not getting in goal scoring positions even for a wide man, his all round play is coming along nicely. I expect we'll see more next season, I still have very high hopes for him.

        I agree on Nani. Im a fan of his, but he's just been too inconsistent. We could get a decent amount still. Juve are the latest interested.

        Anderson has all the talent, but its the same old story with a lot of these Brazilians. The mentality doesn't really fit here like you say. I'll be sad to see him go, but I dont think Fergie trusts him anymore. Could be a bargaining chip with Porto, who have several players we want.

        I think we could see another winger as well as Zaha, and possible a striker, but like you I'd like to see more of Hernandez. I dont think any partnership is going to outscore him and RVP!!

        Central midfield is key for me. One world class player could make a huge difference, particularly in Europe.