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  • Wise Son Wise Son Apr 29, 2013 20:04 Flag

    Teams / Players of the year


    Congratulations to Bale, I expected him to get it, and I think he deserves it.

    Was pleased to see that Zaha will join us having been named Championship Young Player of the Year. If Nani is on his way out, Zaha may prove to be a very suitable replacement.

    As for the Premiership team of the year, United make up the spine of the team:
    De Gea is rewarded for a much improved season by being in goal;
    Ferdinand is in central defence, showing how well he's recovered from his injuries;
    Carrick has won a midfield place after his best season at United, and;
    Of course, Van Persie is up in attack.

    Well done, those guys!

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