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  • Neil Neil Apr 30, 2013 09:19 Flag

    Twitter #board for us?

    I have found myself resisting urge to come on here more and more lately - due to other users leaving or being fed up with the trolls or not liking the new design - so was wondering if anyone would join me on twitter and we could chat there? If we always posted to #yahoomanutd we'd see each other's posts.
    Obviously we can't stop the trolls but we really do want them to be there to entertain us with their totally informed and unbiased opinions.

    Any takers?

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    • If facebook wasnt bad enough, they went and created a 'social network' solely for the worst part of it, the attention seeking 'status' part.
      It almost gives celebrities a purpose. People should know better, but evidently they dont.

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      • ICJ, I totally agree about the attention seeking celebrities part. It's poor when you see 'Morning everyone!' as a status. But you don't have to follow those types. Instead you can engage with like-minded people and discuss things important to you, share blogs, get updates on software, make complaints (what I joined for!). Forget the egos!