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    Sagna tackle FACT...

    In reply toself proclaimed Wise Ones latest mental breakdown, regarding the Sagna tackle, from which United were awarded their only goal of the game, Fab suggests Not so Wise One Googles '101 goals' and takes a peak at the vid on that site, failing that, go to Youtube where there is a vid, with commentator clearly remarking 'well, let's look......he gets a little bit on the ball doesn't he?'

    Both show,quite clearly, and from different angles, Sagnas foot touching the ball and thus diverting it from the path it was on when it left Van Persies foot.

    I would post up links but I believe Yahoo deletes posts containing them these days.

    Deny all you will, not so Wise One....

    FACTS are indeed FACTS!


    Much love.

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    • "Sagna's challenge, Penalty! No question about that."

      Sorry, I thought we were just swapping quotes and comments about the incident. That was from MOTD, one of the videos I saw (after being unable to find yours or the one Butch tried to link to downthread).

      All of the videos show one thing: Van Persie knocks the ball forward just before Sagna makes contact with his leg. I didn't see any contact from Sagna on the ball, and even if there was it could only have been after he'd made contact with Van Persie's leg.

      "FACTS are indeed FACTS!"

      I agree.

      By the way, feel free to keep calling me "Wise One", though it's a congratulatory label I'd avoid myself, but you can't call me "self-proclaimed Wise One" when it's only you and the other ABUs using that name.

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      • Fact. The ref gave a penalty, so it was a penalty.

        Fact. van Persie scored it.

        Fact. Utd are EPL champions

        Have a nice day.

      • Fab I think you need to see a doctor about your fixation with none existing facts. It really is beginning to distort your view of the world. Not only do you go on and on about `facts` that aren`t but you completely ignore the real facts such as Walcott`s offside goal. I know its hard but you would have thought by now that you would have got use to the not winning feeling. Perhaps its the thought of yet another ex-arsenal player winning a trophy combined with fears that after dropping 2 points at home to the champions your team may not qualify for the CL that has addled your brain.So see a doctor and console yourself with the thought that one of the 3 teams chasing 2 CL places is spurs and they tend to fade at this stage of the season.

    • First off, if only you and the other ABUs call me 'Wise One', I can hardly be called "self-proclaimed" now, can I? Unlike you, I don't feel the need to big myself up endlessly.

      Unsurprisingly, your 'evidence' is impossible to follow, but I have seen many videos of the penalty incident, and do you know what they all show?

      Van Persie knocking the ball on just before Sagna makes contact with his legs, missing the ball.

      Every time. If he makes ANY contact (and I didn't see it), it could only have been after he'd made contact with Van Persie.

      By the way, try this for the MOTD version (example commentary - "Sagna on Van Persie. Penalty, no question!")

      http://www.101greatgoals (dot) com/gvideos/arsenal-1-manchester-united-1-motd/

      "FACTS are indeed FACTS!"

      I agree.

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      • Oh dear oh dear! After disappearing (conveniently) self proclaimed 'Wise One' has re-appeared with a shed load of evidence to back up his (now HILARIOUS!) false claim (well, one video link that doesn't work) and resorting to the 'Thick Rikk' tactic of talking utter b*llocks, in a bid to make himself feel better, having been found wanting.

        'Your evidence is impossible to follow' PMSL

        Yeah....I guess you can't tap in 'Republik of Manchunia' to Google and search for the vid eh? Or 'Youtube' or '101 goals' (even though you have supposedly visited the site!!!)

        I bet you got a face like a brown bulldog chewing a wasp 'Not so Wisey'!!

        One is HIGHLY AMUSED!!

        Go on.....tell me everyone that happens to see 'the foot' is insane again!

        Talk about BITTER!

        Much love.

    • They even have the vid on the 'Republik of Manchunia' site with comments from members admitting it was not a penalty, along with the likes of not so Wise One, still in denial, even though the facts are before their very eyes!!!

      A classic line in said comments runs...'so because of that tiny touch it shouldn't have been a penalty?'


      Run along self proclaimed 'Wise One'.

      You been FABBED!


      Much love.