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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS May 5, 2013 09:38 Flag

    The RULES regarding the 'sliding tackle'

    Yawn.....this OWNING glory supporters actually begins to get tiresome.

    For the perusal of those concerned...

    'A sliding tackle is not in itself foul play, however there are a number of fouls that commonly occur during the execution of a sliding tackle.

    Examples of such fouls punishable by a direct free kick or penalty kick include:
    When a player tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent BEFORE touching the ball;
    When a player in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force: kicks or attempts to kick an opponent;
    trips or attempts to trip an opponent;
    raises his/her football boots perpendicular to the field (colloquially known as "studs up").'

    Brought to you by FAB!

    Much love.

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