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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS May 7, 2013 17:33 Flag


    Oh Rikki Rikki OAP Thick Rikki, do I really have to explain EVERY little detail?

    Can you NOT possibly THINK for yourself????

    Sagna, got to the ball FIRST as stated, the reason this is so IMPORTANT in this particular incident is because the manner in which Sagna tackled Van Persie was PERFECTLY LEGAL, when one is in the knowledge that he touched the ball FIRST!!!

    WHY, I hear that DENSE excuse for a brain ask!?!?!

    Sagna never went through RVP, he did not tackle dangerously, he did not scythe the guy down, HE PLAYED THE BALL!!!

    The tackle was NOT malicious FFS!!!

    Your lame and frankly HILARIOUS post on the Arsenal board......

    'So regardless of who touches the ball and when, the tackle can still be declared careless, reckless or using excessive force.

    This was the case with Sagna's tackle on RVP, the ref was unsighted, therefore had no idea who touched the ball, he quite clearly gave the penalty for the tackle itself.'

    He gave the penalty because of the evidence before him Rikki.

    FACT is, what with Sagna touching the ball, the referee did not have ALL the evidence did he?

    His decision was PROVEN INCORRECT FFS because others DID have the benefit of ALL the EVIDENCE!!! It's not rocket science Rikki!!!

    Just because the incident was not seen at the time does NOT mean it didn't happen does it you fool!?!?!

    DOH! DOH!! DOH!!!

    Crikey if the whole world went by your 'logic' all would be lost! I mean, what about Lampards goal in the World cup? You know the one that went ACRES over the line yet was not given by the ref!?!?

    Did the ref in that case make the correct decision Rikki!?!?!?

    Take your time old man!!!

    Hell......get Steve to help you with it!!!!


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