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  • Judging by these two latest interviews by John Terry and Rafa Benitez, it seems like the Special One won't be managing at OT next season.

    Benitez: "You know that next year another manager will be here and I think every one knows who will be here," Benitez said in a televised news conference, when asked if his success at the club could lead to a longer stay.

    Self-proclaimed "Special One" Jose Mourinho is the hot favourite to return to Chelsea from Real Madrid, having won two Premier League titles for the club during his first stint in charge which ended in 2007.

    "It's not my concern what will happen here next season, I'm just concentrating on doing my job," Benitez, who will lead the side against Portuguese club Benfica in the Europa League final in Amsterdam this month, said.


    JT: "Mourinho demands to be kept abreast of everything happening at the club."
    “Mourinho has a great relationship with our fans because we won the Premier League and several other titles with him,” Terry told Marca.

    “Real Madrid must be respected, as he is under contract. The fans have clearly shown that he is the man they want after everything he won. He's still ‘The Special One’.

    “We send each other text messages and often wish each other good luck. He's interested in our results and everything that happens at the club.

    “He's not only in contact with me but also with [Frank] Lampard and other players.