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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 8, 2013 14:09 Flag

    Fergies Replacement....

    Whoever he is, he has my utmost sympathy.

    Anything short if a title and he will lambasted as a failure, every mistake/draw/defeat/goal conceded will be scrutinized like a politicians bank statement, and whilst I've always believed we CAN actually even IMPROVE after Fergie, as Liverpool did with Paisley, the odds are stacked against him.

    I can see now why Fergie was so devastated after being cheated out of beating Madrid, as although it would have been tough to beat Bayern or Dortmund, we were at least better than the rest. Fergie was desperate to add one more European cup to his incredible collection.

    The timing seems well thought through by Fergie. Klopp is hot property right now, Guardiola obviously was sounded out back in Jan when they met in New York (I wasn't keen personally), Mourinho looks certain to be leaving with Chelski, and maybe even Citeh sniffing around, and Moyes (very much in the mould of Fergie and has done an fantastic job at Everton) also looks to be leaving.

    Great options all, Im behind whoever we get (so long as it isn't Rafa!). Perhaps we'll surprise everyone and hire internally, like many other big clubs have done successfully.

    Exciting and emotional times!

    Fergie = The GREATEST bar none!

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    • Pardew's being lined up,the coach drivers rapping it up too.

    • The Moyes bandwagon in the press seems to be built on several factors;

      he's contract with everton runs out at the end of the season
      he's the bookis favourite, although one or two of only have him second behind Mourinho
      He seems to some of the qualities Gill mentioned today that utd would be looking for ie loyalty, style, youth players etc

      However, on the latter its interesting to see just how many sections oif the press are ignoring Gill's comment in the same interview that the new manager must have the relevant football experience and that includes experience in Europe. Something which is a glaring omission on Moyes' cv. Then there is the info coming out of everton. Although Moyes' contract runs out at the end of the season that doesn't alter the fact that he is still in contract and any club wishing to speak to him over the next couple of weeks needs everton's permission and they are adamant that utd haven't as yet approached them. Which doesn't fit in with the latest claims being made in the Times that utd will announce in the next 24 hours that Moyes will take over from SAF.