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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS May 8, 2013 17:10 Flag

    The footballing world WILL MISS Ferguson!!!

    Yes he's finally wandering off into the sunset, pockets crammed full of glory supporter cash, wine bottle in hand, slurring, spitting, red faced and nasty as ever.

    The footballing world will indeed miss SLUR. I cannot imagine another quite like him ever being allowed to run a club. I mean, he BOUGHT success, MILKING every little saddo out there who turned to United in a bid to fulfill a VOID in their sorry little lives.

    He spent HUGE amounts on players, and sold them on for, (on the most part) next to nothing. He banned the BBC for YEARS because they dared to air the dodgy dealing his son was up to. He backed three inbred americans to the HILT whilst they RIPPED off United, just so long as they filled his coffers with yet more FILTHY LUCRE.He made a prat out of himself over a race horse and even more of a prat out of himself over the 'mob' at Madrid.

    He STILL wants MORE CASH from you GLORY SUPPORTERS and will be staying on at VERY OLD Trafford, filling his pockets, for as long as he can get away with it!

    You lot SCREAMED to have him SACKED, DECADES ago.

    Hell, Rikki and Christopher SCREAMED for him to be moved on during the last couple of seasons, every time United lost a game basically.

    Fab WILL MISS LAUGHING at SLUR going RED, VEINS POPPING, SPITTLE FLYING, every time a ref DARED to make a right and proper decision at OT.

    He was a 'character'.

    Of that there is no doubt.

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