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  • A Yahoo! User May 10, 2013 12:23 Flag

    Some thoughts on Moyes appointment

    I.ve got to admit that he wouldn't have been top of my list but thinking about it that makes me a bit of a hypocrite. Only a few months ago when Southampton sacked Adkins I was moaning about how promising young British managers were being ignored in favour of the latest craze for foreign managers and here was me mentality going through all the foreign managers trying to work out which one I hoped utd would pick. There is a trend, especially amongst the top clubs, of going for the safe option - a foreign manager with a glittering cv who spends a few years at a club bringing success then moves on. Well for starters, since when have utd taken the safe option, ain't taken risk what this club has always been about - like when Busby took utd into Europe even though it brought the club a lot of flak from the fa. Secondly what about utd's youth policy? Managers who come in for a few years are looking for instant success and that often doesn't involve nurturing young players. Then there is SAF's legacy - do we really want the club to turn around and say that the quick fix is more important than everything he believes in and everything that has helped bring us so much success over the last 27 years? Ok Moyes doesn't bring with him the glamour of a Mourinho or a Kloop but he does bring with him a reputation for encouraging youth and bringing out the best in players. Its not like he's starting from scratch, he's inheriting a great squad from SAF and if he can add the right signings and bring through the right young players why shouldn't he be successful - lets be honest you would have to be a pretty #$%$ manager not to win a few trophies with what SAF has left behind. The really big test will come further down the line when the baulk of this squad has gone and utd are left with the players he has brought in.

    And finally back to the foreign manager issue - there are a lot of good, potentially great, young British managers out there and they will be hoping that Moyes succeeds cause he will have proved to the owners of the top clubs that appointing someone who doesn't come from outside the uk can still bring success.