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  • Steve Steve May 11, 2013 03:25 Flag


    Its a good question. If SAF was here next year he would be facing huge challenges. City would surely rebound, Chelsea if Mourinho comes will be rejuvenated. There are flaws in our squad too. So whilst we had a fantastic season, in some ways i think we over achieved. So to your question i think he deserves not so much a grace period, but a genuine chance. Its a huge upheval for some of the squad , imagine Giggs having played his entire career under SAF. But Ferdinand, Carrick, Vidic all the players we call upon for experience, will have to get used to a new gaffer. But from what ive read Moyes is an excellent man manager and coach, so hopefully it will be smooth. As for Europe, we. Know its not easy to win, its a goal, but not a reason to sack a manager. I hope and believe he will be judged by League Titles. Obviously some will jump on every defeat and mistake, especially online. But its not beyond the realms of possibility that United.improve under Moyes. SAF has in my opinion neglected central midfield for a while. I think he will get 2 or 3 Wenger seasons, top 4 finishes. But i can see great things under Moyes.

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    • When i say 'get' 2 or 3 Wenger seasons, i meant 'get forgiven for' i think he will do well.

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      • Sir Alex timed it brilliantly. He totally wrong-footed , to give a footballistic term, the press, other clubs, us. It was quick, clean, and decisive. Within 2 days, a new manager is installed, someone who won't cause too much instability. The press are very unhappy, because they wanted time to link United to about 100 managers

    • Steve on a coaching front and man management front I don't see things changing too much for you under Moyes, although I do question Moyes's tactics at times of not going for a win, but settling for a battle for a point. However that might be just his realism based on the limitations of his squad, but it could impact the late goals that have been so influential in many season for you (will there be Moyes time to replace Fergie time?)

      But I think the areas he's untested will be the first areas where people will focus. How does he manage the likes of Rooney (or others who might want to leave), will he be ruthless when a player is not good enough (when do the likes of Giggs, Rio, Evra, etc no longer factor), and how well will he spend (he's done a great job shopping from the bottom shelf, but its a bit more tricky getting value from the top shelf?).

      Personally I think he should be given at least 2 years, even if those are as you say seasons where you only win the Wenger cup (top 4 finish only). But I do wonder if the stability you've had, which I think is a major factor in your success, is something that comes from the club and therefore will continue, or whether it was from SAF just because he became unsackable.

      I do hope its the former and not the latter, as I think that is how all clubs should be run (even if part of me wishes it was not how you were run!), and if it is the latter the day Man U starts chopping and changing I think will be soon followed by the end of Wenger (who along with SAF and Moyes are the only tenured managers), and the days of building a team for success will be replaced with the Stamford bridge/Etihad model of buy a team for success. That for me will be a sad day.