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    Fergie confirms Rooney's 2ND Transfer Request

    Apparently he genuinely doesn't want to play for Man U anymore.

    I think they should let Rooney go rather than forcing an unhappy player to stay at the club.

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    • It's prety simple: No player bigger than the club. Over the years, we've let go of a lot of players in their prime because the time was right for the team - Hughes (well, the second time, not under Atkinson), Ince, Kanchelskis, Beckham, Ronaldo, Tevez... The team readjusts, and then carries on fine.

      It would be a risk for Moyes to begin his reign with letting Rooney go, but unless Rooney recognises how foolish he's being, I'd respect Moyes if that's what happens.

    • Apparently there are not enough grannies in Scumchester for him to sh*g.

    • Toys and pram spring to mind. Instead of sulking when he was selected Rooney should have been asking himself why he was left out. He seems to have forgotten that no matter how talented a player you may be you still have to put the work in. He should be up there with Ronaldo and Messi but whereas they kept pushing themselves to be the best they can Rooney settled for being utd`s and England`s best player with the result that now he isn`t even those - RVP has replaced him as utd`s best player and as long as he can remain injury free Wilshere is well on his way to being England`s best player. Perhaps a new challenge would help Rooney regain his focus but I`m not 100% sure that would happen. I can see him having an early flourish and then slipping back in to bad habits.