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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau May 13, 2013 19:35 Flag

    Embarrassed about Rooney?

    Since his last disgusting transfer request ('the biggest mistake of his life' - HONEST!), citing the 'clubs lack of ambition' as a reason (despite a pay rise being the REAL reason), I have been the ONLY one here with the nous to acknowledge that this is a player we need rid of, for what should be several obvious reasons.

    Great article here, better late than never....


    I said recently, before Fergie announced he wanted out AGAIN, that most United fans would start catching on soon enough. Its Ronaldo post 'wink-gate' all over again (where most here wanted even HIM out!)

    Cavani, Falcao, Bale or Ronaldo....with Rooney off the wage bill plus his fee, we could actually get someone in BETTER who wants to play for us, and doesn't just EXPECT to be picked, even when playing #$%$.

    I dont even care if he goes to Chelski or even City, just GET RID.

    Forgive him again? Now that would be embarrassing. Even I wont hold that against the ABU's!

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    • Error.....one minor point Hissy.

      I could have SWORN that you were claiming, extremely excitedly 'RONALDO IS GOING NOWHERE!', you know, about three seconds before he scarpered.


    • "I don't think Wayne Rooney was keen to play, simply because he's asked for a transfer," said Ferguson. "But we won't sell him."

      I think you're deluding yourself, Pruney.

      Rooney holds all the cards, and he will get his wishes just like he did when he put in his first transfer request. This latest episode is set to rumbles on and on throughout the summer. I'm enjoying the LATEST comedy at the Theatre of Dreams, FREE OF CHARGE for that matter, Pruney.

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      • I don't see how he holds the cards. If United want him to stay, he can't approach other clubs until his contract runs out. If United decide he's not worth the bother, they'll get a good price for him and get him off the wage bill.

        Rooney can refuse to play, but that hurts his chances of getting into a good team elsewhere, the longer it goes on, and United could just dock his wages every week he doesn't play.

        I'd rather see him sort his head out, and push himself to get back into the kind of form where you can't leave him out, but I don't think he's holding all the cards here.

      • Its much more fun watching the comedy at city - losing the fa cup final to wigan then sacking the only manager in the last 30 years or so who actually won them silverware.