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    Build Around KAGAWA....

    For those of us who have followed this lads career and recognise his huge ability, its been a tough season watching him wasted on the left (if even played), whilst the fat, uncommitted Rooney gets the nod in his role, only to play p**s poor every week.

    Jurgen Klopp, probably the most talented manager in the world right now agrees...

    "Shinji Kagawa is one of the best players in the world and he now plays 20 minutes at Manchester United -- on the left wing!" Klopp told Tuesday's edition of British newspaper The Guardian.

    "My heart breaks. Really, I have tears in my eyes. Central midfield is Shinji's best role. He's an offensive midfielder with one of the best noses for goal I ever saw.

    "But for most Japanese people it means more to play for Man United than Dortmund. We cried for 20 minutes, in each others' arms, when he left."

    As for the stats:

    - 6 goals in 20 games plus 3 assists (barely even used in Europe sickeningly)
    - 62% shooting accuracy, 38% chance conversion
    - 19 chances created
    - 90% pass completion (thats Scholes territory)
    - 88% tackles won!

    No wonder we dont see Psychic Jim ("you cant teach bravery") anymore here!

    If Moyes has just half a brain fully functioning, he will see that this player is the key to our future success. The last few games he's had a decent run in the middle, and he's been the creative heartbeat making us tick we've missed for so many years.

    We may however need Rooney to f**k off for him to be given a proper chance, which is a worry as for Moyes to keep Rooney would require him to convince him he's first choice! Im hopeful but not confident!

    This is how we could line up right now, and Im loathe to leave out the best finisher in the country (Hernandez), but Im thinking this is the set up Moyes will go for, formation-wise (not starting XI, thats mine!)

    .............................De Gea





    I'd have Fletcher over Cleverley, but not sure if he's returning or not, so this surely must be a priority....Fellaini anyone?


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    • I think this is what we'll see from Kagawa. He did have a little trouble making an impression on games early on, but since he recovered from his injury, he's been forcing his way into the team. I would like to see him playing in the hole, and if Rooney does stay, I'd view him as playing further back.

      I do think some fans have been proved wrong with their early criticism of Kagawa. He looks like a natural United player.

    • Thank God - a thread regarding football. I've been off this board for months as it seemed to finally have given way to the dogs. I even miss Jim on here as he did want to discuss football.

      So to Kagawa Prof - I completely agree with you. He needs to be given the number 10 shirt next season after we sell Rooney, and we can't have any of this nonsense of playing him on the left where he is nigh on ineffectual. To 'A Yahoo User', who I can only assume is Devon, I would think Klopp has a fair knowledge of the EPL and its 'demands', and this doesn't change the fact that Kagawa has been misused (as predicted). I just hope Moyes doesn't try and turn him into his new Pienaar.

      Given that we haven't spoken transfers for a while, as you would expect, I am still hoping for a complete overhaul of the deep midfield positions although of course, I know that at best, we'll see only one central midfield signing when we really need 2. That should have been obvious after watching the display of the German sides (especially in midfield) against 2 teams, themselves with far better midfielder than our own.

      If the rumours are true, and we have been in for Thiago Alcantara (Graham Hunter has said so in the last couple of days - a pretty reliable source) and his buyout clause is only £15 million, then it would be absolutely crazy not to go for a potential superstar at a price which can only be considered peanuts when one considers his huge talent. With Kagawa and Thiago in midfield, we'd have a great creative engine, linking defence with attack; Thiago is fairly robust as a player and is also able to tackle - he is quite similar to Dortmund's Gundogan. I see Kagawa as the forward pivot - Thiago is the player we have long hoped Anderson would turn into. We still have the problem of Carrick in midfield - awful when pressed. I would like to see Wanyama signed, but am not holding out much hope for 2 midfielders. He is good on the turn, mobile, wins tackles cleanly - not much not to like. An alternative to him would be Matic whose progress I've been shocked by - he has developed into quite a player. Mobile, can tackle, huge, can dribble and decent passer. Third player and final player I'd like is a left footed wide player - I've always been impressed with Gaitan over Rodriguez as the former has a bit more pace. Move Welbeck up front where he should he is actually effective. Develop Jones and Smalling at centre back with Evans in reserve. Bring back Fabio to compete with his brother at right back. And perhaps sign Luke Shaw - he would definitely be worth signing for the future.

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      • For reasons best known to itself yahoo won't let me post as anything other than a yahoo user - all my attempts to post as mudevon just vanish in to the ether.

        I agree that Alcantara would be a great buy, yep to Gaitan over Rodriguez - the latter is said to be on the verge of a move to Monaco anyway- but no to Fabio as right back cause I think he's better at left back and utd already have plenty of cover on the right with Jones and Smalling plus they have a pretty decent looking right back in the reserves in Vermijl. In fact given how promising the likes of Michael Keane and Tom Thorpe look I don't think utd really need any defensive reinforcements - it would be far better to spend the money on midfield. Hopefully Will Keane will be back soon and lets hope there is no lasting damage from his injury. As several people have already said Januzaj, Cole and Lingard look ready to step up to the senior squad and I would like to see Moyes go back to using the league cup as an opportunity to play some of the younger lads rather than as a means of giving some of the older fringe players a game. Then of course there is young Zaha to come in, he still has a tendency to make the wrong decisions but he certainly has lots of potential. As for Rooney, if he's not careful he's going to turn in to the new Nani - great when he's fully focused and on top of his game and a liability when his mind is elsewhere; where it seems to have been in the latter part of this campaign. Whether its down to him losing that edge he had as a youngster or whether he doesn't like having to play second fiddle to RVP only he knows but perhaps a move might be the best thing for both club and player.

        Oh and as for Moyes buying Gibson we are talking everton here, they aren't exactly going to be competing for the very best midfielders now are they and give Gibson his due he's done a pretty decent job for them.

      • Thank GOD you're back Stefan!

        Thiago would be a dream signing, but thats the problem for me, its hard to believe Barca would let him go so Im not buying too much into the rumours at this point.

        Whilst I dont think Moyes will make wholesale changes this summer, Im quite looking forward to seeing what he will do in the transfer market. Im quietly confident that he'll address the midfield situation, because its a pretty key area for his teams. Everyones talking Fellaini and Baines, but I'd have thought Barkley would be on his list to poach.

        The one worry I just thought of is that he did take Gibson off our hands!

      • I thought/ think Gundogan was/is brilliant for Dortmund. I agree, Thiago would be a great buy. Carrick has had a great season, and deserved the players player of the year award. I agree with Chris. Get rid of Rooney.

    • Its all well and good Klopp commenting on Kagawa but as good a manager as he is he doesn't know the Premier League and therefore doesn't know how difficult it can be for players to adjust to its demands. Take David Silva, we didn't really see the real player until late in the second half of his first season. In addition Kagawa's progress was hampered by a knee injury in the first half of the season which kept him out for around 2 months - a point which SAF made after Kagawa had scored his hattrick and everyone as raving about him. SAF then went on to say that Kagawa would be a key player for utd next season.