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    Which players to sell

    There have been posts about who utd should bring in so I thought I would start one about who utd should sell. So here's my list:

    Rooney - has asked to leave and should be allowed to leave. He's the new Nani - capable one week of that bit of magic that turns a game and then next week all over the place with missed placed passes and wild shots on goal.

    Nani - for the reasons stated above. He's had ample opportunities to progress and add consistency to his game but the only thing that has been consistent has been his inconsistency.

    Anderson - another one who has failed to make the necessary progress. Also there are big questions over his fitness and injury record. He not only seldom plays but seldom manages to play the whole game when he does.

    Lindegaard - looked more than a decent number 2 keeper when he arrived but his recent performances have't been that good. Another one who is suppose to have indicated in the past that he would leave if he didn't become the number 1 keeper, although he does seem to have backtracked on this since utd won the title.

    I don't think I would sell anyone else. Neither Young or Valencia have had distinguished campaigns but both have had their injury problems, plus Valencia's performances did improve towards the end of the season.

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    • Devon are you still subscribing to MUTV?

    • Do I sense double standard being applied here or am I missing something, Devon?

      I'm sure the same argument you used to justify retaining the services of both Valencia and Young could be used for Nani and Anderson too, All the 4 players (Young, Valencia, Nani and Anderson) blew hot and cold more times than Fergie's hairdryer in the season just concluded and none of the 4 players has made the necessary progress to be perfectly honest.

      It's a bit unfair to jettison Nani and Anderson unless the decision to keep Young and Valencia is based purely on coin toss between the lot..

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      • It is fair to jettison Nani and Anderson for the simple reason that they have had the most time to prove their worth - they both joined utd in 2007 so they had 6 years to make the necessary progress. Young has only been at the club 2 years so I think he deserves one more season to prove that he's a utd player. As for Valencia, who joined in 2009, outside of the season he missed through injury this has been his worse at utd. Last time around (2011-2012) his contribution was excellent, in fact he was so good that he was voted utd's player of the year both by his teammates and the utd fans - he also won the vote for utd's goal of the season. So he has shown in the past that he can deliver consistently and on that basis deserves a chance to try and get back to the form he showed in 2011-2012.

      • Yet Valencia, Nani, Anderson, and Young , have done something no Arsenal player has ..... won a premier league title

    • The lot, eh eh