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    Which players should get more game time next season

    Kagawa - goes without saying really
    Cleverley - needs to be given the opportunity to prove whether or not he's good enough
    Fabio & Buttner - the left back spot should be up for grabs soon and one of these two needs to prove that they should be the one to replace Evra
    Jones & Smalling- would probably have been given more games if they hadn't had injury problems, and just as Fabio and Buttner need to show they are good enough to replace Evra so these two need to show that they should be the partnership to replace Vidic & Ferdinand
    Powell - like Jones and Smalling his season was disrupted by injury. My only question is whether the game time should come at utd or whether he would benefit from a loan spell even if its just for the first half of the season.
    Amos - I think he should be utd's keeper for cup games. I think he's a better long term bet as competition for de Gea than Lindegaard.

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    • I agree with those, and it's nice to see someone else who isn't desperate to shout that Cleverley isn't good enough.

      Also, I think Fabio, having had a decent season of first-team premiership action at left back should be the one we look at first as Evra's potential successor.