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  • Wise Son Wise Son May 26, 2013 15:45 Flag

    Innocent soldier murdered was a Utd Fan.


    "Wise Son would happily support Islamist fundamentalists if they supported Manchester United, even more so if those Islamist fundamentalists were black!"

    Yeah, I mean, I've done that so much. I really do need to stop supporting black Islamic fundamentalists. Thanks for pointing that out.

    You ignorant #$%$.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Ignorance born out of Newcastle.... you couldn’t make it up if you tried.

    • Slaphead Harris " If I buy a false beard, and sandals, does that make me an islamic fundamentalist?"

      No Ian, it just means you'd be spending good money to make yourself look even more of a willy head than normal, but if it finally helps you to pull a woman then perhaps it could be money well spent?

      As for that daft Bruce Grobbelaar lookalike, the 'not so wise and glum son' there's no hyphen in #$%$' and you should know this, since you're supposedly an educated school teacher etc.

      Have a nice day.