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  • A Yahoo! User May 26, 2013 15:09 Flag

    The best league in the world?


    I've just saw and read this latest interview on the official Arsenal site 5 minutes ago by Wenger about the 'debate on merits of Europe’s various domestic league'.

    Here below is an extract relating to the Bundesliga...............


    "Bayern Munich continue to fly the flag for the Bundesliga. They have just wrapped up their 22nd title (17 more than any other club) and they are in third Champions League final in four years - where they will face Borussia Dortmund, last season’s domestic champions.

    An exciting league, the Bundesliga has the most goals per game of the big five leagues (2.86) and the highest shooting accuracy (46.3 per cent). The league also has the most successful crosses from open play (7.11 per game). Conversely though the league is responsible for the most fouls per game (31.7) on average, and also the highest percentage of long passes (14.2 per cent) out of the five leagues highlighted here.

    Interestingly, the Bundesliga also has the lowest average age per starting XI - 26 years and five days. Ten different German sides have Champions League experience.

    If the first thing you think about when talking about Spanish football is technique, what comes to mind when thinking about the Bundesliga?
    AW: Personally when I think about German football I think about movement, running and efficiency. Also team spirit. You know when you face a German team they will always try to work hard, to run properly and they always try to be efficient in the final third. That is the brand of German football and it’s a real team sport in Germany.

    They also have a big history of success. Their clubs are well run, and they maintain their model very well. That’s why they are always efficient, and always bounce back because five million people play football in Germany. That means you have many young players, and we are seeing at the moment they are producing many players again. So Germany is about efficiency, it’s about a positive attitude as well – they always try to play. They have the pride to play that way wherever they are in the world. They never hide and go only defensively. Their culture is to have a positive attitude and intelligent passing game.

    How big a part of their identity is the incredible atmosphere the fans generate inside the stadiums?
    AW: It plays a big part in their success and culture. The clubs really take care of their fans, and historically the fans have been behind the clubs from a very young age. On that side it’s a bit similar to England. They are very loud as well. What I also like is that in Germany they have managed to keep the Saturday afternoon sacred. That’s when most of the games are played still. They haven’t sacrificed that ritual - every Saturday afternoon everyone goes to the Bundesliga. It is a ceremony in Germany, and the history has been maintained without being disturbed too much."

    Full interview in link:

    Without a doubt, a candidate for the best league in the world, if not the best already. But I believe they are the best this season (imo), and most of the indicators in Wenger's analysis point to the relative merits/strengths of their league in comparison to others.

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