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    The best league in the world?

    Having watched the great football the two German teams produced in reaching this season's CL final, and how dominant they were in all the rounds, I think it would be very difficult to argue against the Bundesliga being the best league in the world right now.

    From what I saw in yesterday's final at Wembley, I think the EPL have some catching up to do on Bundesliga if we aspire to be the best league again.

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    • Outside of the top two teams in the top leagues there has always been a lack of quality, this is not new and the author would be wise to brush up on his knowledge.

      Arsenal are no longer real title contenders, but man city have risen to be man u's new rivals. Chelsea will try and make it three, which is more than germany have, and spain have no more either as atletico may struggle to match this seasons achievements consistently.

      The EPL is still top dog as a whole for excitment, its just germanys best team is the best in a biggest cup competition. And everyone knows cup competitions are knock out tournaments, where anything can happen. Ask Nani!

    • First half rubbish. Second half better. You thinking of supporting a German team next season geordie ? You can't speak English, let alone German.

    • One thing spoils the Premier League, Man United and their really stupid, dozy, ugly fans!

      I'd ship them off to MLS over in the United States if I could or Asia where they'd be appreciated.

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      • Bayern are expected to complete the treble when the contest the German equivalent of the fa cup, they finished over 20 points ahead of their fellow CL finalist, they have already signed dortmund's best midfielder and are expected to sign their best striker. Next season The German league will be even more of a one horse race than it was this season - so where is the competition going to come from in this so called best league in the world? At least in Spain there are two clubs who could win the title and in England three, possibly four if arsenal get their act together meanwhile bayern look all set to be a superior version of celtic.To be the best league in the world there has to be competition and unpredictability to go alongside the quality.