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  • Looks set to follow Phelan and Steele out of the club. He has been offered a role within the club, head of youth development, but reports suggest that he will turn it down. There has also been talk linking him with a move to fc twente as their manager. He did leave utd once before to take over as manager of brondby so he does seem to have ambitions in that direction. Wonder what this means for Brian McClair because as far as I'm aware he is the current head of youth development at utd.

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    • Devon, of all the 3 coaches, Rene Meulensteen would be a great loss for you lot. He's a very influential coach, I think it's a huge gamble not to retain his services for another season at least whilst Moyes finds his feet.

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      • The latest reports now say that Moyes offered Meulensteen the role of assistant manager. However, it would appear that Meulensteen wants to be a manager as his name is being heavily linked with the wigan job and what many journalist think will soon be the vacant manager`s job at brighton. One or two other reports do suggest that Meulensteen decided to leave because even though on paper he was being promoted he would actually have less input on the coaching side because unlike SAF who left that side of the game to his staff Moyes likes to be more heavily involved in training sessions.

      • According to the reports United want Meulensteen to stay so if he goes its his decision. I'd like him to stay as would I think most United fans but we have been here before - Meulensteen himself left the club briefly in 2006, Queiroz left, Mclaren left, Kidd left and at the time people were saying they were indispensable. The abus in particular used to try and claim that utd's success was down to SAF's assistants rather than him - a claim they stopped making when Phelan became his right hand man. What we are seeing tends to happens at every club when a new man comes in but we aren't used to it because we haven't had a new manager in 26 years. The assumption seems to be that the replacements will come from amongst everton's coaching staff but I wouldn't be too surprised if Moyes brings Phil Neville with him in some capacity. Then there is the question of what sort of coaching role is going to be given to Giggs. If as seems likely he is going to continue playing for another year then that surely limits the coaching roles available to him. Also according to press reports he met with both SAF and Moyes shortly after the latter's appointment which seems to indicate that at the very least Moyes views Giggs as the most important player to have on his side in the dressing room.

    • Devon , still subscribing eh.

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      • you don't need to subscribe to any sports programme as all this information is free on the web - which is where I found all of the above. Wikepedia is a good source as long as you treat everything it says with a bit of caution and double check some of their more outlandish sounding claims. Plus apart from the Times most papers sports pages are available on the web at no cost.