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  • Has been currently linked with a move to Arsenal due to the fact that he was allegedly racially abused this season and has been unsettled in Italy as a result.

    I've just listened to an audio interview in which Max Evangelista, an expert in the Italy leagues, gave Pogba a glowing reference for the real progress the youngster has made in seria A this season. He also said that Juve now see Pogba as the perfect replacement for the aging Pirlo.

    When asked whether Arsenal stand a chance of signing Pogba this summer, Evangelista replied: "I doubt Arsenal could sign Pogba. Remember [Andrea] Pirlo is getting old so Pogba is the perfect replacement for him. He is the future and these kind of players are not easy to find."

    "Regardless of the money Arsenal can put on the table, Juventus have to think of their future." I'm convinced Juve won't sell to Arsenal."

    It's unbelievable that Fergie let this talented player leave for nothing without putting up a real fight to keep him at the club. He could have been the perfect solution to all the problems Man U now have in midfield.

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    • I've read the article in the Daily Mirror about Pogba to Arsenal and like many rumours there is absolutely nothing of substance to it. The whole story is built around one incident of racial abuse and Pogba getting into trouble for spitting - and that's it. Nothing from the player or his agent about being unhappy in Italy, nothing from juventus and nothing from arsenal. This time of year it seems that there is some sort of collective madness that sweeps through the press and any rumour - even one whose source could turn out to be some spotty kid on twitter - is treated as if it were genuine.

    • Why would Pogba leave Italian champions Juventus for also-rans Arsenal ?