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    Where would Rooney be happy most?

    "I think he (Rooney) is at a fantastic age for a player: maturity, big experience, still young. It's up to him and what he wants, what makes him happy." Mourinho said.

    "He's a little bit like me: he doesn't need one more pound in his contract. One more cup won't make a difference. Be happy. Where is he happy? Where will he find more happiness to have ambition and drive him? I like him as a boy. I wish him well and hope he is happy."

    A sensible, fatherly talk and some wise words from the newly appointed Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho which beg the question, where would Rooney find happiness the most as he's clearly unhappy playing second fiddle to RVP at OT and I can't see that situation changing anytime soon?

    In no particular order, the following clubs are the most likely destination if Rooney decided that there's no future for him at OT: Chelsea, Monaco, Arsenal, PSG, and I won't rule out Rooney joining the noisy neighbours (City) completely either but I've a strong feeling Man U won't sanction it.

    What do Man U fans think about Rooney leaving the club to find happy (i.e. playing regularly in his preferred position - as a CF and being the main man)? Lets face it, Rooney is the sort of players who like to be the focal point in a team, and the fact that RVP is undroppable to way for Rooney means there would always be problems for him at OT. Personally, I actually see Rooney signing for Arsenal or Chelsea this summer because none of the Centre Forwards at both teams has established the position as his own, additionally Rooney would be more happier at either side than at OT should he decide to leave.

    What are your thoughts on this serious topic, lads?

    A Gooner, btw, in peace.