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    Rooney to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal

    Speculations over the future of Wayne Rooney continues and it looks more likely that the England international will leave Manchester United this summer for a new challenge. As far as things are going on now, Rooney has to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal.

    The tensions between David Moyes and Rooney are inevitable and for now there seems no solution but departure of former Everton star. Both London clubs are looking to sign Wayne who is one of United’s most important players.

    Arsene Wenger will have funds to play with this time around and knows that Arsenal badly missed a top quality striker last season. Rooney scored 12 goals and provided 10 assists in the league last season and his flexibility is one aspect that any team will benefit from.

    Gazidis recently claimed that Arsenal are financially very strong and are capable of signing big names this summer.

    It is understandable that Arsenal can pay the asking price for Rooney, but the main obstacle in this scenario will be his 250k a week salary. The pay structure of gunners does not really support that high a sum and that can possibly create a divide between the squad.

    On the other hand, Chelsea can afford to pay these wages. Mourinho has been a long term admirer of Wayne Rooney and once again the Portuguese praised the England international without giving any clear indication of moving for the player.

    The Blues are also searching for a worldclass forward. The last time a striker scored 20 league goals for them was way back in 2010, Didier Drogba scored 29 in that title winning campaign for Chelsea.

    French giants, PSG have also shown keen interest in hiring the services of Rooney but the player may as well want to stay in his homeland. Chelsea for now are reportedly after Napoli’s top scorer Edinson Cavani as well but are surely monitoring Rooney’s situation.

    For now, Chelsea seem a better option for Rooney as they have a better squad as compared to Arsenal and the arrival of Jose Mourinho has amplified the

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    • Rooney has two years on his contract so if he leaves utd will have a big say in where he goes and I can't see them letting him go to a domestic rival...unless they get a player they want in exchange. Rooney for either Wilshere or Mata sounds like a good swap to me.

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      • "Rooney for either Wilshere or Mata " ?

        Dream on, Devon!

        It's Rooney who wants to leave and handed in a written transfer request (his second transfer requests btw) to back it up according to Fergie, NOT Wilshere or Mata. Wilshere and Mata are very happy at the present clubs. Why would they want to swap places with an UNHAPPY Rooney who wants OUT?

        This is the last summer to cash in on Rooney, failing that, Man U stand the risk of losing the player for nothing. Additionally, forcing an unhappy player to stay at the club is counter-productive as Peter Odemwinge proved to WBA last season. Players are too powerful nowadays, also imagine the potential disharmony an unhappy player like Rooney can cause in the dressing room to the squad. It isn't worth the hassle in the end if you consider all the negativity involved in forcing an unhappy player to stay.

    • i'm on the fence on this one, rooney has the potential to make any of our rivals squad and their starting XI much stronger if he leaves. should that happens, united will be losing one of the best in the world.
      will we get a replacement at the same level of Rooney - probably not; but we could get other quality players who want to play for us and happy to be at united.
      in the end, if Rooney wants to leave let him leave: "no one player will ever be bigger than club". Messi is not bigger than Barcelona and Ronaldo was certainly not bigger than Manchester United.
      viva RVP. Roll on next season.

    • Rooney will go to neither Chelsea or arsenal, and you're a bit on the naive side of you think those two have any chance of getting him.
      United wont let him join rivals chelsea, and not only can arsenal not afford his wages but it would be too much of a step down for him to join them.
      Just because arsenal say they now have cash to spend doesnt mean they are going to double their highest earners wages!
      They have been saying they've had money to spend for the past few years, its wenger who wont spend it. Think before you write next time Dan S.
      If anything I hope we let him go to PSG, but I doubt hed even want to go there.

    • That fat, ugly, money grabbing twit will sign for whoever will pay him his £250,000 a week!

      I'm sure if Man U decide to chuck Rooney an extra £50,000 a week on his wages then he'll quite happily stay where he is and the Man U mugs will still continue to cheer his name!

    • Rooney to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal
      Posted on June 11, 2013 by Farjad Iftekhar

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