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  • has finally left his role as Man U's first-team coach. A big mistake by the club to let the hugely influential first team coach depart, imo.

    I read in one of the papers in the last few days that he felt that he's been messed about by the club, which is a bit sad given what he achieved if that's true. It would appear that he departed in acrimonious circumstances from the report I read. I think he should have been kept to preserve continuity, but it seems Moyes has a different idea and want to be his own man.

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    • As far as wind ups go Slayer, that was pretty weak!

      Meaulensteen was a good coach, but I wouldnt even rate him as high as Carlos Queiroz. Easily replaceable. If there is one thing our great club proves better than ANYONE'S, its that no one is irreplaceable!

      I can always tell when you're slightly worried about Francenal, because you get more vociferous here with desperate #$%$ like this. I wouldnt worry Slayer, Im sure they'll still compete for 4th mate! According to your beloved 'reports' Wengers gonna spend a #$%$ load on actual quality for once!


    • Apparently Rene was offered the role of assistant manager by Moyes but as Moyes is a very hands-on manager Rene probably thought it not the job he wanted so he's off to Anhzi to rake in the roubles.

    • Very big mistake: he's one of the best coaches around. I am surprised they let Steele leave considering his work with De Gea was really paying off with his play this season. But I guess Moyes wants his own people for his staff....so that's the way things are. Worrying times if you're a United fan.