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  • Up Yours! Up Yours! Jul 10, 2013 10:03 Flag

    Geordie deletes his embarrassing thread!

    What a wimp, he posts an hilarious thread claiming Aeroflot has one of the worst safety records in the world, then, when it was pointed out they had one of the BEST safety records in the world, with TOP marks, 7/7, he disappeared and got the thread deleted!

    No wonder the whole world laughs at Geordies!!


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    • It took an onslaught of taunting to rid the Arsenal board of your shyte.

      I'm glad you've finally come to your senses, Rikk.

      All your drivel certainly belong here.

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      • I'm led to understand that English isn't your first language....I think this has now been confirmed....

        ...I made a post a while ago where I said, quite correctly, that you send "taunting" messages...a post which you ignored, as is your right...

        ....you've now said, quite incorrectly, that another poster has been made rid off by an "onslaught of taunting posts" on another board...none of which is true...and which shows that you don’t understand the meaning of “taunting”...

        ...the art of the "troll" is to use "taunting" posts to elicit a response...as opposed to deterring them...an art which you regularly display…

        ....I suggest you buy an English dictionary...and/or a Fowler's....and stop using big words until you've grasped the nuances...’cause "spell check" just isn’t doing it for you...;)

        ...please note...there is no abusive content in this messagee.....

      • Tell us how 'soccer' came before 'football', slayer, and whilst you're at it, explain why you got your thread deleted?

        Do you think you'll EVER win an argument?