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  • Ultimate ABU Ultimate ABU Aug 13, 2013 22:52 Flag

    Dead Man U forum

    Tsk tsk tsk!

    Once over this place use to be a hive of activity!

    Not so long ago there would have been countless threads getting posted as to how brilliant everything is since Man U just won the Community Shield last sunday and all the regular Man U message board pillocks would have been falling all over each other with congratulations.

    But look at it now, this forum is dead, the only thing keeping it alive is me posting threads which rile up the ten pound pom enough into using his various Yahoo ID's in a sad attempt to desperately try and defend what he thinks is his very own precious Man U forum...

    ...even though he's supposedly travelling at the minute and lying on beaches in Bali etc etc etc (yeah, like anyone believes you, you dipstick!)

    Is it even worth poking fun that Racist Rio's testimonial match resulted in a humiliating 3-1 defeat by Sevilla?

    Is it worth having a good old laugh at Man U over Cesc Fàbregas turning them down after they'd chased him for weeks?

    LMFAO well of course it is, because I know there's still some of you sad, silly plonkers sat there reading my posts and getting riled up when I appear on here!

    Your board is my plaything and an instrument to wind you up, so never forget it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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