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  • Ultimate ABU Ultimate ABU Aug 26, 2013 12:58 Flag

    Qualities of the Man U manager's job.

    Is it in the Man U manager's job description that you've got to be an arrogant, hypocritical windbag?

    New Man U manager Moe 'Moyes' Szyslak is starting to fit in well there for all of the above 'qualities' and is becoming rather an unlikable character in the process.

    Look at his comments regarding the Baines and Fellaini situation and how Everton are holding back their careers by not selling them to Man U, I mean, how much more disrespectful can you get?

    In that case, Moe 'Moyes' Szyslak is responsible for holding back Baines and Fellaini's careers since he was the one who signed them for Everton in the first place.

    Perhaps if Man U opened up the chequebook and offered Everton some 'big money' instead of trying to throw 'peanuts' at them, then eventually Moe 'Moyes' Szyslak might be able to get the two players he wants.

    Same old Man U, head up their own backside, thinking that they're so much better than everyone else.

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    • I guess you're selective in what you read...and you read according to your prejudice...

      ...it's all gamesmanship and the "journo's" run with this sort of thing... with every club... during the "dead zone"...

      ...if you want to be derogatory about "opening cheque books"...need you look further than Mr Wenger and Arsenal FC...?

      ...not that football matters to you...you're just annoyed because nobody invited you to their BBQ today...and you're starving...