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    Ive not been impressed so far by his second coming. Scraped past Villa, couldnt finish off Hull, parked the bus last night. Mata out De Bruyne in? Mata is their best player! At least he recognises Torres and Ba arent good enough, but Lukaku looked a handful last season with West Brom.
    Based on last nights evidence, Maureen puts a point above the performance, and that got him the 'mutual' sack last time. Cant see Roman keeping his big nose out for long.
    With citys defense awol, Moyes has a really good chance this season of retaining the title. We look more organised, more compact, better defensively as a team. He was wise to not rush in and make any changes. We do need a midfielder or two but with such a big transition taking place the sensible thing to do was keep changes to a minimum. We look good.

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    • It wasn't that long back a certain Man U turd munching Outback Cowboy claimed that Jose Mourinho was going to be the next Man U manager and that we'd all saw it here (this Man U forum) first!


      OINK OINK!!!

    • It's true - it's almost as if Mourinho is human and not the footballing demi-god the Chelsea fans remember him as. Between them and Abramovich, I would be impressed if he stayed there one season (not ruling it out - just saying it would be impressive).
      On the midfield, I am still looking forward to seeing some of the kids given a chance, even if we do make a signing in the next few days. Januzaj, Lingard and Zaha could all make a difference in midfield from what I've seen and heard of them.

    • Chelsea looked a bit flat but Man U were hardly inspiring either.

      Rooney was Man U's best player on the pitch by a mile and there's idiots like you saying he should be sold.