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  • FABONGRASS FABONGRASS Sep 3, 2013 06:04 Flag

    Awfully quiet in here.

    Cor lummy! I'd have thought this board would have been buzzing with the deals old Moysey has pulled off this window, landmark signings and all! Even if he did have to pay over the odds for a player he could have bought pre clause closure, I mean, FACE IT, no other club was in for Fellaini!!!

    I do believe Arsenal have now joined Chelsea and City in paying MORE than United have for ANY player.

    Fab told you Arsenal were 'on the rise'!!!


    Desribed by Mourinho as 'the BEST no10 in THE WORLD!'


    May I suggest you take a flask with you and a big packed lunch when you skulk off and HIDE under your blankets.


    Fab.....ALWAYS DID!!!

    Much love funny little glory supporters!

    Much love!

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    • Says the crystal palace fan who has been found on here during arsenal games.
      Fellaini was needed, ozil was not. You didnt strengthen your defence or attack which was in desperate need, so Id be surprised if you scraped 4th this year with such a thread bare squad.
      Once spurs gel and with liverpool looking stronger, its just a matter of time before the injuries start piling up for you and even 4th looks a distant memory, much like being challengers is now.
      Youve already lost to a poor villa side, at home!

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      • Oh dear oh dear, you really are FLAPPING even old 'Not so Wise One' has been reduced to mumbling nonsensicals.
        Fellaini was needed?? Why you o sign him up earlier then??? PMSL

        'You didn't strengthen your defence or attack' STOP! STOP!!

        I could have sworn Arsenal signed TWO attacking players AND a defence minded player.

        You've already lost to a poor Lpool side, without their main man playing! You know, the one who was simply ACHING to join Arsenal!!

        I bet you're proper miffed Moyes couldn't get hold of yet another Arsenal man in Fabregas, though it wasn't for trying!! United are RELIANT on RVP. Rooney wants OUT. The rest of the squad is average or waaaaaaaaaaay over the hill!!!

        And, lastly, nobody is interested in joining Moyes and his SINKING ship!!!

        I bet you have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp son!


    • Arsenal are on the rise. OK.