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    Herrera Bid Withdrawn

    Apparently we didnt think he was worth the buyout, which supposedly was near 40m Euros.
    Shame, that we have Woodward and not Gill. Hes used to making money and seems incapable of spending it,.

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    • Bloody hell, been reading about the farce that Ed Woodward is alleged to have made of these transfers. Sounds like the Glazers promoted someone who wasn't qualified. Just like with a manager, I'd like to give him time to learn from his mistakes, but he has gotten off to an awful start. The Coentrao loan move supposedly didn't go through because paperwork wasn't completed in time, people are saying he messed up an otherwise sorted Alacantra deal, and didn't understand the tax conditions in Spain on the Herrera bid.

      If even some of that is true, he has a lot to prove, and could end up being a bit of a liability. If anything, he is being accused of operating under exactly the kind of arrogance that ABUs always accuse the club of. In this case, they might be right (stopped clock and all that...).

    • Yeah, would have been good, but Fellaini is exactly the kind of player that people have been saying we needed for a couple of years now (I think he even turned up on some people's shortlists of players who would fill that role), so even if he's only one signing, he looks like one that could make more difference than the more attacking midfielders we were linked with (not that it wouldn't have been nice to get one of them, but maybe not as important).

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      • Not sure he's exactly the sort of player people having been saying you need. I think what most people expected was a Scholes who could actually play week in week out. In Fellaini you've got a player who can spray the passes around if he's allowed to sit deep, but no where near the quality that Copper top had.

        He does bring another dimension with his height and physical presence, but to get the best out of those traits you need to push him more up the pitch away from his preferred position (although it was Moyes's preference when at Everton to play him there) but then what do you do with Rooney and Kagawa?

        The only area I see him being close to Scholes is the tackling department. Fellaini is a very physical player (while Scholes just tackled a little to late a little too often) so is likely to pile up the cautions just as he did at Everton.

        End of the day you are probably better off with him that not getting anyone. So the question is while you maybe marginally better as a squad that last year after bringing in just one senior player, is that enough to stay ahead of the competition who invested, and in some cases heavily while Moyes and Woodward sat on their hands most of the summer.

      • Im not convinced that Fellaini is THE player we've needed for a couple years, but it depends on how you approach the subject of our midfield.

        According to Everton fans he can put a foot in, but isnt a great tackler, and we've got Carrick who does that already. He has done his best work playing off the striker, utilising his aeriel threat and physicality. But Kagawa and Rooney are far superior in that role.

        Dont get me wrong, we needed a couple of central midfielders in my opinion, so Im glad we got him as he provides another proven option. Im really disappointed we didn't get Herrera - £31.5m was reasonable, it rises to £36m end of season. I do hope we go back in for him in Jan (thats the rumour), for his sake as much as ours because Bilbao fans gave Llorente a terrible time when it was revealed he was on the way out.

        I just feel we needed more options, so in that sense Fellaini is a good signing. I feel the stick Cleverley is getting is as ridiculous as it is typical. Its Carrick two years ago, its Fletcher 4 years ago, and Ronaldo 'the one trick pony' before that, all over again. Cleverley played well against Liverpool, the problem in that game (and the problem overall in my opinion) wasn't him, it was the fact we needed to play a 40 year old on the right and had no Kagawa or Rooney to make things happen. That game was there for the taking but we were sh** in the final 3rd.

        Its always been that area between midfield and attack, the 'unlocking of the door' so to speak. Rooney does the job OK, but in my opinion Kagawa has more ability in his left testicle playing that role than most others. Get him playing like he can, like he did at Dortmund, and we'll run away with it again this season.