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  • Le Pruneau Le Pruneau Sep 3, 2013 15:11 Flag

    Kagawa: 'I'll fight for my spot at United'

    Two time German player of the year, bought for £12m rising to £17m - what a bargain. City have Silva, Chelski have Mata (?) and now Francenal have Ozil.....Kagawa is at least as good as that lot, but isn't even considered bench worthy half the time. When he is used he is played out position, the damage he could have done to Liverpools mediocre team - it makes me sick to the stomach.

    Rooney will get the nod no doubt this season, and most United fans will churp away about his 'desire' like he supposedly displayed against Chelski. I'd suggest watching that game again. He never threatened the keeper, his only decent effort were from long range, he linked up with RVP ZERO times and refused to pass to him when RVP was CLEARLY in a better position, and overall his general touch has improved from p**s poor to mediocre. But yes he ran back and tackled in his own box, so all is forgiven...my hero!

    Id prefer to see us play like Chelski, with a fluid 3 behind RVP, involving Kawaga as the playmaker, Rooney playing like he did with Ronaldo, and one of Welbeck/Nani etc. However it looks as though 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 is the prefered choice and Im pretty sure Moyes is terrified of telling Giggs he's not starting!

    Early days.....

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