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    “Ozil is unique,” said Mourinho. “There is no copy of him – not even a bad one. He is the best number 10 in the world. He makes things very easy for me and for his team-mates with his football vision and the decisions he makes.

    “Everyone loves him and sees a bit of Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane in him.

    Much love funny little smarting glory supporters!


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    • Fab I get that you are very excited about your new acquisition, but do you really think spending so much on one player who plays where you already have strength, was the best way to spend your entire transfer budget? Now of course he's going to make your starting 11 better, but I'm just not sure making the strongest part of your squad, your creative midfield, even stronger is the best thing to improve your squad, and as its squads not individual players who win things, does this one player really improve your chances overall?

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      • I refer to Mourinho once again dsteer as he has admitted he pulled the plug on the Ba loan deal as, due to the signing of Ozil, Arsenal were now title contenders. Mourinho knows a fair bit about the game and the player concerned.
        You also state that Arsenal spent their 'entire transfer budget' on Ozil. I'm not so sure that was their entire budget. I think you'll find Arsenal have more in the coffers. That said, I believe Arsenal would have benefitted from signing a new striker. Suarez would have been welcomed. Trouble is top quality strkers are thin on the ground and well sought after. Arsenal have signed Sanogo, who, though young, may well blossom quickly under the tuition of Wenger.
        I think Arsenal are strong defensively and Flamini is a good addition and can play in various positions.
        Wenger said he would spend on top top quality players, he has begun to do this with Ozil and, with the end of the stadium build debt in sight and the release of new funding, the future can only look bright for Arsenal FC.