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    Fellaini Facts

    Fellaini has said: "Sometimes I look at myself and ask, 'What is my best position?' I think it's a defensive midfielder, that's the best one. The manager (Moyes) might like it sometimes when I play up front because I can cause trouble for the defenders, but for me my best position defensive midfield - stopping the opposition and then looking to impose myself on a game."

    Premier League 2013/14
    Player Games Successful passes Failed passes Pass accuracy
    Marouane Fellaini 3 196 24 89.09%
    Tom Cleverley 3 182 26 87.50%
    Michael Carrick 3 174 29 85.71%

    Premier League 2012/13
    Player Games Goals Shots Assists Chances created Aerial duels won
    Michael Carrick 36 1 12 4 37 17
    Marouane Fellaini 31 11 65 5 40 151
    Tom Cleverley 22 2 14 2 19 4

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    • This is typical Man U chebhead stuff and one of the reasons why I can't stand Man U fans.

      I'd lost count of the amount of stupid comments which I've read on Yahoo coming from Man U 'fans' who have done nothing but slate Fellaini. Most of these Man U chebheads have been saying Fellaini wasn't good enough or world class quality prior to Moyes signing him.

      And low and behold, Fellaini signs for Man U and what happens? Yes, that's right, a Man U chebhead starts posting stats to show how good Fellaini is, you Man U plonkers are so fickle and predictable!

      OINK OINK!

    • Why have you deliberately left out Artetas stats?

      As if I didn't know!


      • 1 Reply to FABONGRASS
      • Because this is all about some trying to justify why what we all know was a panic buy (who's price actually went up despite no one else even bidding) at the last minute because all other leads had fallen thought, was actually a good move by Utd!

        Now I'm not saying Fellani is not a good player and can't play a role for United. In fact in some ways he could make the squad better. But its not what they really needed, its not imo what will counter the improvements made by the other challengers.

        Actually not sure where i read it, but the description of United's summer dealings being like the desperate man in the night club at closing times really does fit: After spending all night trying to pull and getting the cold shoulder, he finally gets someone willing to go home with him, but then argues over who is going to pay for the taxi. So once home alone he calls up the ugly girl he knows will come over because she's been sitting at home all night. She may not be the best, may not be much to look at, but will get the job done when no-one else is around.

    • Just curious about whether you're comparing apples to apple here. With so many of those stats for Fellani being generated when he played just behind the striker, should it not be surprising he has far superior attacking stats than Carrick and Cleverly, and therefore comparing them a bit unfair. Maybe a better comparison if these stats represent a player playing behind the striker is to compare them to Rooney's numbers, but I'm not sure your contemplating Fellani taking Rooney's spot.

      However what is impressive is the pass completion rates, and much higher than I would assumed. So from that standpoint maybe he is an upgrade over Carrick, although I have to say as a non United supporter I've always seen Carrick as a steady Eddie and a calming influence on the side which at times can be a critical role, while Fellani I've always seen as quite the opposite, although maybe that is because I've seen him most in Merseyside derby's which are never calm affairs.

    • Interesting stats, definitely.