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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Sep 25, 2013 16:55 Flag

    Moyes 'United were LUCKY last season'!

    Yupp, according to ManIOUs very own manager Ferguson winning the Pem last season was down to the form of the competition and NOT because of the quality of Uniteds squad!

    Moyes has predicted even more BEATINGS like the one dished out by City.

    Oh how one CHORTLES HEARTILY!!!

    What....no 'Wise One'? No 'Hissy Chrissy'? No 'Rikki Glitter'? Ian??? 'Eric Cantona' perchance????



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    • Moyes is only saying what most people thought about Man U last season.

      Fergie retired when he did because he probably knew if he stayed on for another season, then there was a good chance he would have departed the manager's job empty handed.

      None of the Man U chebs will be on here, they'll all be sat watching the Arsenal forum waiting for you to post as per usual.

      OINK OINK!