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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 13, 2013 19:11 Flag

    The 'GREATEST' manager???

    Read an interesting article yesterday which laughed at the mere thought of Ferguson being lauded as the 'greatest manager'.

    One little stat summed it up nicely... Bob Paisley won an average of 2.1 trophies per year as Lpool manager, SLUR managed just 1.3 with ManIOU, and that over TWICE the time it took Paisley and with a far far larger purse at his disposal.


    More FACTS bought to you by Fab.

    Much love.

    (5 points clear!)

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    • PS: You're TWO points clear, after LOSING to the mighty Manchester United.


      More FACTS brought to you by the CHAMPIONS.

      Much love.

    • It's hard to figure out sometimes why you set yourself up for ridicule, does it turn you on?

      For a start, SAF won 49 trophies in his managerial career, to Paisley's 20

      Everyone knows Paisley, a great manager, inherited the best side in England, and had no need to rebuild.

      SAF inherited a very average side that had to be rebuilt from top to bottom, not one single player SAF inherited was in the team that won the very first EPL title.

      SAF also managed United for 26 years, Paisley for eight, Liverpool won five more titles after Paisley, then nothing.

      Nevertheless, Paisley was a great manager, his achievements can never be disputed, and certainly shows up managers like Arsene Wenger, who also inherited a top team, and with a trophy to year average of 0.61, less than half that of SAF.

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      • It's EASY to figure out sometimes why you set yourself up for ridicule, does it turn you on?

        Paisley inherited a side well on the wane.. FACT.

        Paisley signed some of Lpools greatest players .FACT.

        Paisleys record during his reign as Lpool manager is second to NONE. FACT.

        SLUR gained success by chucking HUGE amounts of cash at the teams he built.FACT

        SLUR done a runner the moment because City won the title (as admitted by his wife!) FACT

        SLUR was on texting terms with the referees (as admitted by the refs!!!) FACT

        Wenger has turned Arsenal into one of the best sides in Europe and sitting TOP of the Prem FACT

        Fab laughs at YOU constantly FACT

        Because you are a GLORY supporter FACT

        Much love!