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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Nov 27, 2013 13:26 Flag

    Cogito sum ergo sum. Cogito.

    I'm off down South for a week, somewhere else Geordie fool has never been to, back on the 5th December.

    Geordie can now post his squirming in peace for a week, pretending he didn't see the photos that PROVE I won!

    I'll leave the poor, defeated Geordie with this conundrum, I'll explain it's significance to him when I get back.

    Don't forget to claim I haven't gone anywhere, you know you want to!!


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    • Peter Grainger.

      Made up name. You clearly hate yourself and wish to be someone else. To be honest, I don't blame you.First time on this forum and looking at the posts, you clearly are an up yourself idiot. If anyone (who is not you under another ID) thinks I am wrong, then I'm all ears!

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      • Mr "Eddy"...

        "First time on this forum"....

        ....are you sure...?...I mean...are you REALLY sure...?

        ...this place is pretty much "un-findable" now....as are the other Yahoo message boards...unless you were here before the "restructure"...you haven't a snowball's chance..

        ...I think you're telling porky pies...tell me again that you've never posted on the Eurosport message boards before...

        ...but you're right in thinking "Peter Grainger" is a made up name...it was made up by Mr Dodge...

        ...but then you know that...because "you" have been around for quite a while...in one guise or another...

        ....ohhh...and you have an interesting little "foible" too..;)