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  • Terrible news about the Police Chopper that crashed onto the pub. 6 dead so far, presumably the Police are amongst them. Hope it does not rise further. The #$%$ that commit crimes causing the cars and choppers to need to chase are the ones with blood on their hands. This is not simply an accident!

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    • Who cares? It's Glasgow, and it's a dump of a city full of sweaty socks, theives, 'pishheeds' and drug addicts.

      Glasgow is also Fergie's part of the country, a good enough reason to despise that city even more.

      When it comes to sweaty sockland, then I much prefer Edinburgh and Dundee, at least you can understand what the locals are saying there!

      OINK OINK!

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      • I don't think Glasgow would be many people's preferred abode but there are good and bad people everywhere.

        The thing that annoys me is this buffoon Alex Salmon and his crusade for more power by sacrificing Scotland's future and damaging the UK. We are one country. Yes people have a right to be proud of their heritage but it was ancient times when we were separate entities and fighting each other for land and power. Since we have been the UK/GB we have built and lost an Empire and defended the free world from tyranny, twice. We have played our part in keeping Communism at bay and been a positive influence on the globe.

        Yes, I am English first but I am also British and British means the whole shabang. I have no interest in the maths that say England/Scotland/Wales etc would be fiscally better or worse off. We are one but not for much longer!

    • Seems to have been idiots messing about on rail tracks that caused the copter to be up in the 1st place. I doubt the #$%$ even register their blame at all!

    • Mr "Eddy Kipper Woy"

      ...this is not a current affairs board...so I guess you're in the wrong place..;)

      ...you could always try Face Book....

      ...Love from Julia..xxx