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  • Roy Roy Dec 11, 2013 15:12 Flag

    Breaking News!

    Entire Manchester United squad accused of match fixing.

    Yes, the entire squad has taken bungs LOSE matches!

    Hmm, makes sense now!

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    • Do you have evidence to back that statement up....Kipper ?

      ..as of old...you're becoming inebriated by your own verbosity...

      ...and your on a spam roll...;(

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      • What statement. I never made a statement.

        And I don't mean tragic! Well if you say so.

        And again. Take the e-mails to the Police. If they are traceable they will see who they are from. And do you not think it just a little suss that Rikk knows all about ways to keep e-mails secret?

        Tell me. Is the e-mail address of the sender somehow kept secret, is there someone with the ability to hide the address, or can you reply?

        I know the above is a question and you have difficulty with questions, so if you can answer in less than your usual 1000 words. Or skirt the issue as normal.

        I honestly find it incredulous that you can't see it's Rikk loading the gun to keep you suitably enraged with me.