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  • OINK OINK! OINK OINK! Dec 17, 2013 21:39 Flag

    Who would say something like...

    ...this complete and utter rubbish!

    " it costs $500 from any one of a number of closed hacking sites I belong to, they trace your IP address from Yahoo, get the name of your ISP, then hack them for your name, address, and phone number"

    And you wonder why I laugh at you so much?

    Sounds like you're getting riled, you old woofter, perhaps you'd be better off looking for orangutans in the wild and staying off the internet?

    That's inbetween you posting videos from beaches in Bali (which never show up) and chinning Lee Bowyer!


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    • Still no sign of my personal details, but we all know Walter Mitty Butch lives in a dreamworld.

      OWNED BY A GEORDIES, as always!


      OINK OINK!

    • I've challenged Walter Mitty Butch to have my personal details, name, address, phone number posted on here and the Arsenal forum by saturday 21.12.2013 - if he ducks out of the challenge or fails to post, then we all know his $500 and closed hacking sites claim are a right old load of codswallop!

      No doubt Walter Mitty Butch will suddenly decide to go on holiday again, perhaps for a bit more wild Orungutan spotting over the festive period? - LMFAO

      OINK OINK!

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      • It's now 23.12.13 and Walter Mitty Butch has FAILED to post my personal details, as in; name, address, phone number on here and the Arsenal forum.

        The deadline date was 21.12.13 and wasn't achieved, even with a couple of extra days thrown in, it's still a FAILURE!

        One thing everybody now knows for sure, the Outback Orungutan fiddler is incapable of hacking people for 'itself' and has more or less let slip that 'it' would have cough up $500 for the pleasure of finding out who somebody is via a hacking site.

        Any decent hacker would laugh at the offer of a mere $500 to trace someone who has annoyed some old gimp in Australia on a football forum, so what the ten pound pom has said is all a very weak attempt of a threat because the old fruit has no feckin idea at the end of the day!

        OINK OINK!

    • By the way, repy and I WIN, ignore it and I STILL WIN, either way, you're a loser, you old poofter!