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  • Ronnie Biggs ha popped clogs, shuffled his mortal coil !

    RIP or good riddance?

    For me it is Good Riddance. Maybe he can meet up with Jack Mills and look him in the eye!

    Ronnie Biggs' wife Charmian Biggs' story was told in the Sunday Mirror, it was revealed by rival papers that she had been paid £65,000, dwarfing the £250 compensation that Mills had received. The Daily Mail then launched an appeal on his behalf that raised £34,000, which enabled Mills to move into a more comfortable house in Crewe. Unfortunately shortly after Mills moved in, he died (February 1970). He never recovered from his injuries on that day.

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    • And the moral of this story is, don't try to be a hero!

      EVERYONE involved in the business of money, whether you're a bank clerk, a shopkeeper, or a train driver, are told to hand the cash over and let the police deal with it, don't get involved, this twot ignored that advice and paid the price. What did he think he was going to do, beat them all up and save the day?

      RIP Ronnie, you provided us with years of entertainment, you'll be sadly missed.

    • You never know, the secret life of Walter Mitty might also post a tribute and call people racists?

      That's if 'it' isn't on it's closed hacking websites coughing up $500 trying to trace people's IP addresses whilst filming videos to geordies on beaches in Bale which never make it on youTube.

      Perhaps it's time for 'it' to go trekking Mount Rinjani and searching for wild Orungutans in 'it's' imagination yet again?

      Merry Xmas - LMFAO

      OINK OINK!!!