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  • Comfortable win by Man U, although the usual Ref on their side and some diving that goes unpunished of course. Only difference is it wasn't A Young this time.

    When it comes to divers, Man U do have some serious strength in depth in the squad!

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    • How is a yellow card "unpunished"?

      The dive deserved a yellow too, unlike the supposed dive in the box, which was a clear foul, therefore a penalty.

      Morrison, on the other hand, should have been red-carded for an horrific tackle on Cleverley, nowhere near the ball, and McCartney should have been red-carded for nearly breaking Hernandez's ankle.

      Add that to Hernandez's onside goal being disallowed for being offside, and it's clear who got the bulk of the ref's decision going their way.

      I'll bet you didn't even watch the game, Kipper, you don't particularly like football, and your team was playing at the same time, getting beaten by Stoke.