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  • Roy Roy Dec 22, 2013 09:57 Flag


    'She'll spend her best years in jail': Parents of drug mule Melissa Reid slam sentence

    Parents of Peru two drug mule speak out about sentence
    Pair were jailed for six years and eight months last week
    'Peru two' will spend most of their twenties in prison

    COME ON! They did the crime they must do the time!

    Not every country has soft cushy courts and prisons like this country! In fact, 6 years is the minimum for this crime in Peru, so they got of lightly and could be executed elsewhere!

    I bet the parents have not sparred a thought for the misery and destruction their crime would have brought to untold amounts of families!

    I hope they don't get their sentence shortened and I also hope they do not get to serve any of it over here. One thing is for sure, they and their parents will make good money selling their sob story to the press!

    All decent posters will whole heartedly agree with every word of the above, I am sure.