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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Jan 3, 2014 10:17 Flag

    Apartheid in Northern Ireland.

    I didn't know this, but apparently the British government operates apartheid in Ulster.

    Apparently, Catholics don't get the vote, have to sit at the back of buses, have their own toilets, are not allowed to use Protestant shops and restaurants, aren't allowed to own land, and are being forcibly re-located to tribal homelands.

    They are arrested and imprisoned without trial, beaten by the police and army under non-association laws, and are unable to marry outside their religion, or associate with Protestants.

    This really is shocking, no wonder the IRA fought so nobly for freedom, not like that Mandela fellow, who just wanted to take the white man's land.

    I'd like to thank Paddy Jack for enlightening me to this terrible injustice.

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