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  • My two peneth worth on the disallowed Newcastle goal.

    3 players in an offside position
    A shot blasted across the bodies of those players
    One player many yards offside but 2 players that from Harts view point were 'probably' offside.
    Either of those 2 players could have touched the ball or arched out the way.
    They made very slight evasive moves to ensure they did not touch it.
    Hart did not know to dive or try and save it if they touched it.

    In my opinion there was enough justification for the ref to say that one of those offside players was close enough to the shot to have been interfering with play.

    Why all the fuss. It's not as if it was bad decision of the century, even if you believe the Ref was wrong?

    The biggest talking point should be how Tiotte (however it's spelt), stayed on the pitch after the straight Red foul on Nasri?

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